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How Much Do Braces Cost?

Why can’t anyone ever seem to google the exact price of braces? The same reason why you can’t google the exact price of heart surgery. Think that is a hard comparison? Well, both are healthcare procedures that treat different parts of the body.


How then, does a doctor know the cost of a procedure? For orthodontic treatment, an in person consultation is key. Why, you ask, I only have one crooked tooth. Well, why is it when you break your ankle your entire foot is in a brace? But it was just your ankle. Yes, that’s right. Everything is connected. In orthodontics, the shifting of even one tooth affects the rest of the teeth in your mouth and the way you function with them.


Pricing is based on the analysis of your teeth that is done at your consultation appointment. The estimation of the length of time it will take to correct your teeth is considered, as well as the clinical treatment plan that will be used. The orthodontist composes a plan as to how your teeth will have to be moved and where until everything is straight and functions well together. Not every orthodontist will have the same plan, just as there are various ways of doing surgery. Both procedures require plans to protect the health of the patient while correcting the problem.




Most companies provide healthcare insurance plans. These insurance plans usually provide insurance cards. Try to read the card and find out what the name of your insurance company is for Dental coverage. Medical insurance will usually not provide coverage for dental procedures. For dental plans, orthodontics is a specialized service. Because of this, you may have coverage for checkups and cleanings, but you may or may not for orthodontic care. The office can always check for you so make sure you let them know you have insurance.


Like many people, if you have been putting off correct what has been bothering you for years, there will never be a right time. But there always is a right now. The faster you start, the faster you finish. Accomplish your goal of a winning smile and reclaim your confidence. Believe in the life changing power of orthodontics.

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