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Braces Pain: How Bad is it?

Television and movies shine negative light on braces. From Ugly Betty, to the little girl with headgear in finding nemo,


So what exactly happens at a braces adjustment visit? You go in, they crank up a few things to make them tighter, and you go home sore. The truth is quite the contrary.


Braces are composed of individual square brackets that can be metal or ceramic. These are adhered to each individual tooth one by one. The wire is inserted into the horizontal slot of each bracket and to hold it in place, elastic circular ties are place around each one.


At your appointment, your braces are adjusted by replacing the elastic ties to renew the strength of the wire. Sometimes the wire can be replaced for a different one. There are other small adjustments that are made to specific teeth to slowly begin to correct certain areas.


All of your teeth cannot be adjusted and corrected all at once because this will damage the roots and nerves of your teeth. This is why braces treatment can take up to 24 months at times. This is also why you will visit your orthodontist every month for adjustments, to give your teeth time to move and respond to them.


When you first get your braces put on, expect up to two weeks of sore teeth as a result of your teeth responding to the initial pressure of your first wires. You should be on a soft diet until your tolerance is up again to eat harder things like chicken cutlet. Your teeth will ferl completely normal again after this period.


When you go for your appointments, you may not feel pressure or soreness after your braces are adjusted. If it happens occasionally this is normal.


For Invisalign patients, for your first new tray or every time you change into a new tray, you may feel initially tight only for the first few days. This is usually the most discomfort you will feel.


I hope this explanation has quelled your fears.

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