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Adults with braces?

Adults with braces can still benefit from the orthodontic treatment, as adult teeth and jaws may have already shifted since childhood. Adult braces can help correct crooked or crowded teeth, close gaps between teeth, and improve bite alignment or other issues that are causing jaw pain or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome.


Having adult braces is also beneficial for overall oral health by helping to prevent gum disease and tooth decay through improved brushing and flossing habits. In addition to improving one’s smile and preventing potential dental issues, adult braces provide psychological benefits such as increasing self-esteem and confidence in one’s appearance. Ultimately, adult braces can lead to better oral health and a healthier smile, in the long run, making it a positive and worthwhile decision for many adult patients.


Whether you are 25 or 45, it’s on your mind. You want to improve your smile, but do not want to re-live your adolescence with braces. Technological advancements have made it possible for adults and children to have a better experience now.


Adults have the option of the widely known clear tooth aligner system known as Invisalign. A lesser-known system is lingual braces. These are smaller braces placed on the inside of your teeth. You can keep your confidence while working on your smile.


The third option for adults is ceramic braces. These are tooth-colored braces applied the traditional way, with a more aesthetically appealing result. Definitely, an option for adults not wanting to go old-school.


Schedule a consultation appointment with an orthodontist to find out what options are available to you based on the nature and complexity of the orthodontic dental treatment you will need.

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